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At JSLC it is our belief that the road to success and confidence in life and learning is the understanding and acceptance of one’s learning profile as it relates to cognitive strengths and vulnerabilities. 

Acceptance of one’s learning profile leads to self-advocacy skills, self-confidence, academic success and positive social interactions.

At JSLC, we recognize that each individual seen at the Center is unique in his/her abilities and needs. Our goal is to comprehensively evaluate and decipher how that individual learns efficiently. Following assessment, we develop therapeutic goals using an individual’s strengths to remediate his/her weaknesses through a direct systematic and multisensory approach to learning. Most importantly, direct contact with the parents, school and educators on a regular basis is of the utmost importance for understanding how to accommodate the individual in the academic arena and in daily living. By filling an individual’s learning toolbox, the student can become the best learner he/she can be.


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Jefferson Speech & Language Center

Jefferson Speech & Language Center was founded in 1972 and owned by Denise Nagim, M.C.D., CCC-SLP since 1984 and recently, Jeanne Develle, M.S., CCC-SLP became partner of the Center. Today, the two lifelong friends function as a team in order to give the most wholistic approach to language, learning, diagnostics and executive functioning treatment to the Community.

Let us find a path to success

Our goal is to comprehensively evaluate and decipher how that individual learns efficiently. 

We do not accept insurance of any kind; however, receipts for submittal to insurance are available on request.