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The evaluation process at JSLC is comprehensive, complete and timely. It contains information regarding the thinking process. It involves all aspects of cognition as found in the Woodcock-Johnson IV, Test of Cognitive Abilities:

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Further included in the evaluation process is Linguistics:

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Reading Assessment

Reading assessment provides an in-depth view of an one’s reading abilities including: sight word reading fluency, phonetic decoding, prosody, reading rate measured in low volume reading and high volume, timed reading, spontaneous oral reading, silent reading using both timed and untimed formats. 

Mathematics Assessment:

As assessment of word problems; fluency with math facts or automaticity in math; and calculation, the fundamentals of math necessary to build more complex concepts.

Written Expression includes:

An assessment of one’s ability to use spontaneous spelling, capitalization and punctuation in sentences, paragraphs and in narrative form using plot, characterization, varied sentence forms, and age-appropriate vocabulary to formulate.

Once you have booked an appointment for an evaluation please download these documents:

Evaluation Forms:

Consent Form

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Case History

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Greene Parent / Teacher Rating Scales

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